History of CSME

Establishment of the Collegiate of Specialist Music Education

The Collegiate was established to recognise those qualifications, attained through scholarship, by members of the Special Music 4 Representative Teachers' Association Inc, (SM4RTA) ,whose four year training, during the years 1944-1967, had not been recognised with the award of an appropriate degree by the NSW Department of Education.
The Collegiate has made the award of a FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIP OF THE COLLEGIATE OF SPECIALIST MUSIC EDUCATORS to members of SM4RTA so identified.
Although the DIPLOMA OF SPECIALIST MUSIC EDUCATION has now been awarded, the Collegiate has broadened its function to include recognition of others who have made significant contributions to and achieved prominence in the field of music education and research. The board of the Collegiate invites applications for the award of FELLOWSHIP OF THE COLLEGIATE OF SPECIALIST MUSIC EDUCATORS to persons deemed to have made a significant contribution to the advancement of music education.
Most importantly, the Collegiate has now become a voice for advocacy and action as we strive to ensure that Australian schools are committed to providing a quality music education for all our children.

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